Scientist grandson of Alexander Graham Bell unlocks ancient code for the
World’s Most Powerful Plant Food… turning anyone into a Master Gardener!


“The Organic Miracle That
Creates Super Plants!”


Herbs, Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, House Plants...

All Grow Like Crazy Using The Insanely
Potent Turboganic My Garden® Formula
(The Last Time Plant Food Was This Elemental,
Dinosaurs Were Roaming the Earth)


To All My Gardening Friends,

Imagine this...

You walk into your garden, that just last year barely seemed to bloom at all. You tried all the highly rated and highly advertised plant foods and fertilizers. You made sure the soil was fertile and kept moist, with plenty of sunshine gracing the earth.

You did everything by the book… but the results were nothing short of depressing.

Flowers would open, then almost as quickly wilt away. Tomatoes looked more like green marbles, sickly and mottled. Herbs just sat in their pots, barely growing - no matter how much you coaxed and coddled them.

Green leaves were covered with those sticky, white insect eggs – draining the vitality right out of them. It didn’t matter what type of “natural” insecticide you used. The bugs won.

But this year… it’s totally, astonishingly different!

Your entire garden is bursting with life. Your flowers are incredibly bright, with scents and colors you haven’t smelled or seen in years.

The tomatoes are huge and red, and when you bite into one – you know you’re eating a real tomato – the taste is so pleasantly deep and delicious.

Those herbs which seemed destined for the compost heap have a new lease on life. You’ve never seen them grow so quickly. And the aromas! Just brushing your hand across the oregano, the basil, the thyme releases a burst of fragrances you’ve never experienced before.

The fruit trees promise to produce a record crop, and your once lackluster planting field has become a modern day Garden of Eden. 

Impossible? Farfetched? A flight of fancy?

Not at all! Let me explain why…

Disastrous PCP Spillage Turns
To Blessing In Disguise

I’m John Pease, grandson of Alexander Graham Bell, and let me share with you this short and true story…

The year was 1991, the place a designated one-acre, EPA clean up site in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on the shores of Winnebago near Lake Michigan.

Oshkosh had a problem – a big one. A former wood treatment plant’s chemical spill threatened the animal, plant life and ground and lake water of the entire area due to extensive PCP (pentachlorophenol) contamination. The area’s land and water ecology was in peril. Left in the ground, the PCP would effectively make a virtual dead zone for years to come as far as normal life was concerned. Not only that, but local commercial and sport fishing would also be at serious risk.

The spill was bad enough, but how does one mop up thousands of gallons of PCP soaking deep within the hard clay soil?

As a seasoned biologist, chemist, botanist, biochemist and microbiologist – the company I was then working for gave me the unenviable task of finding a solution.

I developed a unique nutrient formula for special “friendly” bacteria – ones that seemed to thrive on eating and breaking down carbon compounds and hydrocarbons – especially the dangerous PCP. Cutting to the chase, my mix worked better than anyone had expected.

The PCP was degraded and digested, the ecology was returned to normal and all was well with the world, except for one very strange occurrence…


Plant Life Virtually Explodes With Growth!

The land treated with my nutrient formula was host to a variety of small, wild strawberry plants. Up until then, the strawberries were eaten only by foraging animals -- the berries were that sour!  But soon after the soil treatments began, those almost inedible strawberry plants did something remarkable.

Later that same week, they started producing plump, juicy, deep red straw-berries like mad – and no longer sour, they were sweet and succulent to boot.

The outlying areas not treated with my mix still produced the scrawny, sour strawberries. The scientist in me knew I was on to something extraordinary.

That same summer I had another chance to test my super bacteria (now unofficially dubbed “Micro-Rambo Organisms”) on another environmental cleanup in Salt Lake City, Utah. This time it was gasoline, and again the formula worked its magic.

I had some Micro-Rambo mixture left over, so I thought “no point in letting this stuff go to waste.” I brought it home, and left it in the bucket - and promptly forgot about it… until my son thought it was just some rain water and poured it over a thin, undernourished, rose bush I had transplanted the year before.


Scrawny, Sickly Rose Bush
Resurrected From Certain Death!


To my surprise, the rose plant never wilted as transplanted ones usually do!  After two days, I noticed new leaves on the original stem.  Over the next two weeks, there were new shoots.  Winter set in, and I forgot about the plant. 

By spring, this fledgling rose plant was the very first to come forth.  With the results I had seen so far, I began applying my “secret sauce” once a week just to see what would happen.

To make a long story short, it grew from 18 inches high to an amazing 6 FEET HIGH and 8 FEET WIDE from mid-April to late-September, producing a total of 3 different bloom periods with nearly 400 flowers for the season. 

The flowers were larger, deeper in color, and more fragrant than anything I had experienced, and frost didn’t even create any blackening of the stems.  NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL FOR A ROSE PLANT!  And, all of this from a plant that was literally resurrected from the dead -- my neighbors couldn’t believe it!


My Formula Refined, Improved and Put to the Test!


This is when I started to get serious about my hydrocarbon-loving critters. If my formula could do this much by accident, how much better would it do if I “tweaked” it especially for growing plants?

This led to years of additional research, light-years beyond my original “Micro-Rambo Organisms” mega-nutrient. Each new batch I mixed and produced seemed to be more powerful than the previous one, until at last I eventually created my most exciting and potent formulation discovery, which I now proudly call… 


Turboganic My Garden®
“The Fountain of Growth”

Turboganic My Garden® is in my estimation my most powerful formulation to date.


A proprietary blend of super-concentrated, organic, non-toxic, naturally-occurring, 100% complete plant nutrients – Turboganic My Garden® is a quantum leap over traditional “fertilizers” or any other packaged plant foods. (I don’t even like to use the word “fertilizer” because it is so inadequate when comparing the two.) 


Here’s why Turboganic My Garden® is so totally exceptional: Over 95% of this unique nutrient formula is bio-available and bio-absorbable to botanical life - enlivening every single plant cell and their subsequent stages of development.


Everything from seed germination and sprouting, to growing, to blooming, to harvesting – all are incredibly, almost insanely enhanced - regardless of the type of plant being grown!

  • Vegetables,
  • Fruits,
  • Flowers,
  • Herbs,
  • Shrubs,
  • Trees,
  • Ornamentals
  • Houseplants,
  • and More!










Quite literally, if it can grow in soil,Turbognanic My Garden® will work wonders.




So Easy & Safe to Use –
Even Your Child Can Do It!


If you can measure and pour, you can use Turboganic My Garden®. It’s that simple and safe. Just dilute the correct amount of Turboganic My Garden®, apply as directed, and forget about it – it’s nearly automatic! 


  • No more figuring out complicated feeding schedules as with traditional fertilizers.
  • No more hunting down which fertilizer or plant food goes with each plant.
  • No more buying costly (and often ineffective) additional soil additives and seeing if they will do any good or not.
  • No special gloves or face masks are needed. Even if you spill some on your skin or clothes, simply wash it off afterwards. No danger or problem!


You decide... but here’s the best of all… your herbs, vegetables, fruit, flowers, ornamentals, house plants – anything that grows - will have your family, friends, and neighbors wondering if you hired your own personal botanist. (It’s ok - tell them that you did!)

Even if you previously had a “black thumb” and everything you planted just refused to do a thing, it’s all going to change the moment you start using Turboganic My Garden®.

From “black thumb” to “green thumb” – virtually overnight.


250 Million-Year Old Formula in the Making

There are probably some things I will never completely understand why Turboganicg My Garden® works so well.  Yet one thing is certain, my product is not some marketing-hype, but instead is the result of 20 years of research and development – that still continues.

During its early development, an academic colleague of mine at a prestigious east coast university asked if he could try to analyze its components, just to satisfy his curiosity. He was intrigued by the amazing growth rate of my original “Micro-Rambo” critters you read about above. 

Gas-chromatography was employed – an extremely costly but tremendously accurate method of scientific analysis.  Due to the expense of running this kind of instrument, he had to shut it off after 8 hours.

During this time, it registered over 1,000 separate organic elements and compounds, often in the parts per billion!

And even more, there was absolutely nothing harmful or toxic registered. 

To be frank, there was no practical way to know how many more life-supporting compounds would have been recorded.  I suspect hundreds. Now here’s the really intriguing part… out of the 1,000 plus separate organic elements recorded, only 80 were identifiable by name using this modern method!

The reason? This unique Turboganic My Garden® formula is extracted from specific and sustainable complex sea plants, as well as organic, ancient earth strata dating over 250 million years old!


Turboganic My Garden®
What’s in It?

Turboganic My Garden® has an enormous and amazing cornucopia of naturally-occurring plant enhancing nutrients. For the technically minded, these are referred to as “synergistic major macro, micro, sub-micro, organometallics and non-metalllics compound nutrients,” along with their respective trace elements. (How’s that for a mind numbing mouthful of organic bio-jargon!)

Here are just some of the identifiable components we’ve discovered in Turboganic My Garden™:

●  Nitrogen ●  Humic & Fulvic Acids ●  Flavenoids ●  Sulfur
●  Phosphorus ●  Growth Regulators ●  Lignins ●  Chlorides
●  Potassium ●  Growth Promoters ●  Silica ●  Molybdenum
●  Calcium ●  Growth Inhibitors ●  Algin ●  Sodium
●  Magnesium ●  Enzyme Stimulators ●  Cellulose ●  Cobalt
●  Iron ●  Chelation Agents ●  Hemi-Cellulose ●  Vanadium
●  Manganese ●  Natural Sugars ●  Pectins ●  Selenium
●  Copper ●  17 Amino Acids ●  Surfactants ●  Boron
●  Zinc ●  Vitamins ●  Terpenoids ●  Iodine


There are so many, many more - all combined in a proprietary synergistic concentrate of COMPLETE plant nutrients that are over 95% bio-available and bio-absorbable – everything that plants can use to not only thrive, but FLOURISH BEYOND ALL EXPECTATIONS!


This was the era of Pangaea, when the continents as we know them were actually a single land mass, dinosaurs were roaming the earth, and the flora and fauna were nothing like we see today.

There was one, giant ocean called Panthalassa - teeming with strange and curious life, from minute single-celled organisms to trilobites and exceptionally fierce looking fish.

On that vast yet undivided world mass, immense forests of giant ferns covered the landscape.

The ecosystem of plants and animals existing then would seem to be something unworldly to our eyes. There were palm trees dwarfing even the oldest and grandest of our giant redwoods!

And for millions and millions of years, the botanicals and nutrients from these extinct and long forgotten plants, animals and sea life kept falling into the soil and sea, building up, century after countless century.

Turboganic My Garden®
How It Works on ALL Plants!


As a scientist, I document what I observe, which at times I must say, amazes even me.  Shortly after applying Turboganic My Garden®, I discovered that critical plant metabolic processes “switch on,” causing a vastly accelerated, chain reaction of increased production and uptake of natural sugars, vitamins, minerals, organometallics, hormones, critical gases, and water - including those nutrients already present in the soil itself. 

The vast number of elements and compounds in Turboganic My Garden® have been proven to work synergistically - producing accelerated plant growth that would simply not be possible using just the individual nutrient components. In other words, “The sum of the whole is greater than its parts.”

I also learned something else pretty amazing - that a depleted soil will actually leach out vital nutrients from their plants in order to restore balance to itself. This in turn causes unhealthy plant development and premature plant death!

It’s as if the micro-organisms in the soil know it’s a survival of the fittest gamble – and elect to save themselves over the vegetation feeding off them.

(Let’s not forget that without these unsung micro-organism bacterial heroes in the soil, nutrient and oxygen uptake through the roots would be impossible – and we as people would soon cease to exist as well. The same essential building blocks of life support a mutually beneficial relationship both above and below ground!)


“Holy Cow!”  (Alfalfa Crop Production Triples)

“As a cattle rancher in the mountains, our growing season is short and tends to be cooler.  I depend upon every bale of alfalfa that I can grow for my livestock.  Typically, I can grow only a single cutting in our short season.  I added Turboganic My Garden® into a flood irrigation ditch to part of my field as a test, only one time at the beginning of the season.

To my surprise, not only did I get 3 cuttings from this area, the bales kept better than usual!  Even more amazing is that, when given the choice, my cattle would always eat the “Turbo Crop” first, before touching the other field cutting.  Holy Cow!”

Brad Pite (Evanston, WY)




Maximum Results…
Minimum Time!


Have you ever had plants that no matter what, just wouldn’t get with the program?  Plants that looked like they were ready for the mulch pile, no matter what you did or didn’t do?

Plants that due to poor light, low moisture, and depleted soil conditions just wouldn’t grow?

These stragglers can now be given a second chance to thrive. 

The bottom line is this: Plants given Turboganic My Garden® are able to achieve their maximum genetic potential!


Plants are like children….

If a child from a third-world country were given a healthy diet, he or she would more than likely flourish.  However, without these basics, this child would eventually die from malnutrition – a vicious cycle.  Plants, in this regard, are not all that different. Something to think about.



Extend Growing Season – Longer Shelf-Life

By using our recommended application, results are a nothing short of fantastic!

Turboganic My Garden® supports a substantial, noticeable increase in: 

  • Sprouting
  • Vigor
  • Root development and nutrient uptake
  • Leaf production & vibrant pigmentation
  • Size and yield of blossoms and fruiting
  • Faster growth cycle
  • Succulence
  • Pest and disease resistance
  • Endurance of extreme climate stress (draught, over-watering, dryness, heat, and frost), and...
  • Overall longevity – both in your garden, and harvest shelf-life!

How long would you expect store bought lettuce, let’s say Romaine, to last in your fridge?  About a week or so?  What if I told you, we’ve had this type of lettuce keep nearly a month in the fridge, and still taste sweet & crisp, without any discoloration. Would you be surprised?

I know I surely was!




Turboganic My Garden® vs.
Chemical & Organic Fertilizers


The question remains though, how does Turboganic My Garden® stack up against other plant growth products – even the huge, big name national brands?

Let’s see…


Chemical Fertilizers - The Truth

Just take a look at the labels of most commercial fertilizers, you’ll see the basic compound is urea.

  • Urea is synthetically produced and can be toxic to plants, causing seed germination failure and damage to plant cells.
  • Urea dissolves quickly in soil displacing vital oxygen for plant roots.
  • Long-term use is hazardous on soil and water tables.

Other listed ingredients are extremely basic and don’t contain a broad range of nutrients for optimal growth.

Even the highly advertised “miracle” plant foods and fertilizers leave much to be desired.

  • Same Basic Compounds:  Almost all of these products have the same basic compounds with different ratios of “NPK” (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium), along with a sprinkling of trace elements, such as copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc. If you take a look at each of their “specialized” plant blends, they are little more than the same basic ingredients just slightly rearranged.
  • Toxic Elements:  Content labeling leaves off other elements considered toxic, such as various phosphates. Phosphates have been banned in the US, but giant fertilizer companies are able to use phosphorous compounds not on the toxic list.  However, once their compounds are blended with water, they still create phosphates - which end up in our water supply.
  • EDTA:  Banned in Canada and most of Europe because of its toxicity.  In the USA, many fertilizer companies use EDTA as a chelating agent, attempting to make the nutrients more available to plants. The problem? It really doesn’t work very well in the soil.
  • Chemical Overload:  The synthetic chemical overload in many of these national brands create salt compound residues that actually kill off bacteria, harden the soil, and retard plants from absorbing vital nutrients.


Organic Fertilizers

Most popular organic plant and animal-based fertilizers include a variety of commonly used sources.  Yes, most of the organic compounds used are all good and serve a purpose. But contrary to widely-held opinion, they are far from complete.

Here are some of the major problems…

  • Composts:  Composts sound great, until you consider that compost and compost teas are only as good as the soils they come from! If the originals soils are nutrient depleted, the compost won’t be much better, other than helping to aerate the soil and retain moisture.
  • Fish Waste:  Again, a very good source of nutrients – until you remember that one huge problem associated with fish is mercury residue – which if present will eventually find its way into the soil during decomposition.
  • Livestock Manure:  May be connected to E. coli bacteria if improperly composted. Also, the compost value for gardening is directly dependent upon the soil nutrients from which the animal plant feed was originally grown.
  • Wood Ashes:  A good source of potassium, but may contain toxic metals and non-metals.  If improperly balanced, wood ash can also cause the soil to become more alkaline than desired.
  • Worm Castings:  Yes, worm castings can provide an excellent nutrient base - but if the soil foods aren’t very good to begin with, neither will the worm castings.
  • Blood, Bone and Feather Meal:  All very good to excellent, but you have to be patient, as they can take up to a year or more to break down and start delivering the nutrients to the soils and plants.
  • Saw Dust, Straw, Wood Shavings, Grass Clippings, Leaves:  Unless they are properly decomposed before adding them to the soil, these may actually be counterproductive because they can absorb and hold nitrogen and other nutrients from your plants.

(And by the way, Turboganic My Garden® will speed up the bacterial action and enhance the nutrient load of ANY of these composting & fertilizing activities!)


Turboganic My Garden®
No Finer Plant Food On Planet Earth

Even if they are properly decomposed, when compared to Turboganic My Garden® none of the above inorganic or organic sources provide anywhere near the complete spectrum of plant mega-nutrients - while at the same time providing a rich food source for incredibly healthy and critically important soil bacteria!

Turboganic My Garden® will replace and synergistically increase the missing nutrients in your garden, regardless of the soil condition.  Take the guess work out of trying to figure out what your garden needs – it’s all found in this one product, when your plants need it!   What could be easier and more convenient?


"This product works like a miracle!"

 “Several of my once favorite shrubs and trees were near oblivion.  After using Turboganic My Garden® for a few weeks, they are back to life, looking greener and healthier than ever.  This product works like a miracle!”

Hal Brostrom (Salt Lake City, UT)





It's Obvious - Turboganic My Garden®
Is No Ordinary Plant Food!

Believe me when I say that I’ve tried dozens of products since my earliest research on micro-organisms, on a diversity of plants.  I found that traditional commercial and some organic fertilizers, either stunted growth, or in some cases, actually killed the subjects of my research.

That’s why I finally had to develop my own unique formulation, which is now proven to be so amazingly effective on both plants and their soil micro-organisms, as both have similar cellular needs.

And as you saw above, unlike other garden products, there’s not a whole lot you have to do.  Just follow my simple directions and let nature take its course.  With each passing day your garden and house plants will never be the same again. 

Plants that rarely bloomed now are on “flower-power” mode.  Wilting, sickly plants stand strong, flowers are more vibrant, and vegetables, fruits & herbs practically manifest and grow before your very eyes!

And if you think this is hype, please understand this:

I’m staking my professional reputation and 20 years of scientific research on it!


Who Should Use Turboganic My Garden®?


  • Vegetable gardeners who want to share, sell, or trade the most delicious, tender & nutritious harvest ever.
  • Herbalists looking to enhance their botanicals with noticeable and enhanced intrinsic qualities.
  • Flower enthusiasts who want “the edge” in producing showcase yards -- the envy of the neighborhood.
  • Indoor gardeners who are tired of wrestling with growing stunted house plants, and outdoor gardeners tired of seeing the same thing!
  • Environmentally-conscious plant lovers who want to enhance the earth - not pollute it.
  • Professional landscapers who need to quickly stabilize and kick-start plant and sod transplants.
  • Champion melon and pumpkin growers looking for the “next level.”
  • Crisis-ready families who want nutritionally dense produce to preserve in case of emergencies.
  • Rose growers who want to stretch their growing season (earlier and  later) with far more vibrant, color rich blooms than usual.
  • Any gardener who wants to "turbo-jump" the next growing season by prepping in autumn, and:
  • Just about anyone who want to see their garden explode with life!





Is Turboganic My Garden® Economical?

OK… time now for the nitty-gritty.

Is Turboganic My Garden® in line cost-wise with other major brands of plant food & fertilizers?

The answer is a resounding YES!

In fact, considering what you are getting, and the awesome vitality my product is going to give your plants, soil and garden, I’d consider it a downright bargain.

It was critically important for me to make Turboganic My Garden® affordable and loaded with value.  A single quart of super-concentrate provides 25 gallons of 100% complete and total plant nutrition.

  • One quart is sufficient for people with smaller gardens (less than 500 square feet) of veggies, herbs, flowers, shrubs, houseplants - whatever you have - for the season (May through September). I recommend an application close to the roots about once a week.
  • Other folks with gardens in the 500 to 1,000 square foot range usually use about 3 to 5 quarts of super-concentrated Turboganic My Garden® for the ENTIRE season.  Some gardeners water by hand, while others prefer pressurized hand-sprayers or injecting it into their drip or flood irrigation systems.

Those with larger area gardens or growing spaces will use proportionally more, of course. But even taking this into consideration, Turboganic My Garden® is one of the most ECONOMICAL & EASIEST ways to feed almost any size area of plant life for the entire growing season.

Whether you are using flood or drip irrigation for larger plots, Turboganic My Garden® will deliver what your plants need. 

It goes without saying that the results Turboganic My Garden® delivers in the way of size, yield, taste, color, nutritional value, plant longevity, and harvest shelf-life is what really makes the difference.


"There's nothing like it... It has it all!"

“I have been using Turboganic My Garden®  EXCLUSIVELY with my raised bed garden and would not consider using anything else, except water.  There’s nothing like it for my sweet corn, carrots, radishes, potatoes, herbs, chard, spinach, squash, pumpkins, and sunflowers.  I attribute the lack of insect and typical disease problems with the overall improved healthiness of my veggie plants.  It has it all!”

John Scott (Salt Lake City, UT)




The Bottom Line…

So… the price?

Making a super-concentrated product from this formulation was not the easiest thing in the world to do.  Keeping shipping costs to a minimum, while reducing our carbon footprint were both key factors

My friends said I was nuts if I didn’t ask at least $34.95, plus $10.95 shipping.

Unfortunately, I agreed with them. But not in the way they thought.

I thought about it, put pen to paper (actually fingers to calculator) and realized I would still make an honest and fair profit by cutting the price down even further.

How much so?

Order a 1 Quart Bottle of Turboganic My Garden® Concentrate from this website, good for the ENTIRE GROWING SEASON - and you’ll only pay… $29.95 plus $9.95 shipping.

That’s it. No hidden charges or other gottchas. No sneaky add on fees. (My father brought me up right. Set a fair price, and stick to it. That’s how I was raised.)




Solution Graphics

If you have larger needs or a huge plot of land you want to see explode with growth, Five (5) quarts of super-concentrate (making 125 gallons of Turboganic My Garden® nutrition) is just $124.95, plus only $14.95 for shipping at the discounted price.


Order 5 Quart Discount Here


If you are a larger grower, such as a farmer, landscaper or developer, you’ll probably want at least a case of Ten (10) quarts of super-concentrate- which makes 250 gallons of Turboganic My Garden® at the discounted price of $219.95, plus only $29.95 for shipping


Order 10 Quart Discount Here


(PLEASE NOTE: All shipping costs are for anywhere within the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. For international orders, please contact us first.) 


If this wasn’t incentive enough for you to try Turboganic My Garden®, then let me take away any and all risk and doubt.


Your Absolute Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Order Turboganic My Garden® right now. If it isn’t EVERYTHING I said it was – AND MORE – send me back the bottle. I’ll refund every single penny – including the original shipping!

Just return the empty container within 90 days and my company Alchem Environmental LLC will refund your entire purchase price. No hassles. No Quibbles. No Problems. 

That’s my personal promise!

Listen… I realize there may be a few who’ll take advantage of this guarantee and try and get something for nothing. But I’ve found out, 99% of the gardeners I’ve dealt with are down home, good & honest people. So I have no problems offering this guarantee. The others? Life has a way of catching up to them one way or another. I don’t sweat it.

Turboganic My Garden® delivers on its promises, regardless of the disappointments you’ve had with other products.  Skeptical gardeners who have verified the results of using Turboganic My Garden® now swear by it.

(NOTE: Guarantee is valid for the first order only. I may be trusting, but I’m not crazy!)


Once again, imagine…

You’ve walked out to your garden. What you see never ceases to amaze you. Gone are those constant disappointing results. Instead, you see a virtual riot of vibrant life – anything and everything you’ve planted is now a masterpiece – full, vigorous and healthy.

Vegetables are full and succulent, fruits are practically bursting with sweetness. Your herbs are incredibly aromatic and tasteful, and those flowers! Colorful and huge, they look like something showcasing a magazine cover.   

It’s all within your grasp and power – right here, right now.

Trust me… your friends, family, and neighbors are going to sit up and take notice! 

Turbo My Garden® - easy to use and it just flat out works.

It truly is the “Fountain of Growth!”


Here’s to a bumper crop!

John Pease


P.S. In all my years of research and working with other gardeners, any plant grown with Turboganic My Garden® seems to not only meet, but exceed its full genetic potential

I now know why – not only does this super formula deliver every element and compound a plant could possibly need – it does it in a “synergistic” form so that all plant-life and soil organisms can completely absorb and utilize these fundamental and essential nutrients.



Order 5 Quart Discount Here

Order 10 Quart Discount Here


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